Centralise and download to your aGora management software all the information enquiries received by your educational centre. Unlimited enquiries to be received or sources from which receive them.

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Design your web forms

With the help of a simple wizard, you can generate as many web forms as you wish to request information as desired and integrate them easily into your websites.

Integrate with your Websites

The designed web forms will give a simple code to be added to all the webpages you want, and will allow you receive in aGora any information request.

Simple API available for you

We offer a powerful Webservice from which it will be able to catch any enquiry, from your own developments of from those of others.

Receive leads from educational sites

If you have an account in any educational site (,,, etc.), you will receive them in your aGora enquiries manager.

Design your Web Forms

You will be able to create all the information request web forms you want only with the help of a simple wizard.

The aGora.webLeads web forms allows to receive in aGora interest requests about courses, groups, products, services, subjects, etc. from your websites visitors.

Through a simple form generator you'll be able to create as much web forms as you need. You'll only need to click and paste the fields you need to design your customized form.

Once created, you'll see the code and insert it in your websites and also modify them when desired, just adding or deleting fields, indicating which fields are compulsory, etc.

Design your Web Forms
Integrate aGora with your Websites

Integrate aGora with your Websites

Receive in the enquiries manager of aGora the requests made from your website.

Using the html and javascript code generated by our simple form generators, aGora.webLeads will allow you integrate your webpage with the application.

Your webpage visitors will be able to request information about the courses, groups, areas of interest, products or services created in aGora.

These information requests will be automatically received in the enquiries manager to allow a suitable follow up of them.

Simple API available for you

aGora.webLeads offers simple and powerful web services.

Our API gives the opportunity to any developer to connect any application with aGora ERP, synchronizing with our software all the received leads from any external source.

Thus, making a simple call to the aGora.webLeads API, it will allow linking with the aGora enquiries manager from the email marketing platforms, educational websites, web applications, desktop applications, etc.

Receive leads from educational Websites

Receive leads from educational Websites

Integrate in aGora the requests from sites with our simple API.

Using aGora.webLeads, you will be able to receive, control and manage from aGora all the information requests received from all the websites you are subscrived in (,,, etc.).

Thanks to our simple and powerful API, any website you work with will be able to integrate in your aGora your courses information requests received in their platforms.