A new platform which will change the way you manage your training centre has been born.

Connect your centre with your students, customers and employees.

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Including the latest technologies

Services and modules offered by aGora.connect have been developed with the most innovative, secure and reliable technologies.

Always connected

Connect your centre with its customers, students, teachers, etc. in an easy way.

Best user experience

aGora.connect modules and web services improve the aGora user experience

Using the latest technologies

Secure and reliable web services and apps for mobile devices.

aGora.connect has been developed with the most innovative, secure and reliable technologies.

This allows us providing you powerful and modern applications and services to your students, customers and staff, who will perform several tasks and information requests generated in aGora ERP from any device with a browser and Internet connection.

Always connected

Always connected

Broaden your students, customers and employees communication.

Using aGora.connect you will achieve a good cannel to communicate directly and easily with all your environment.

The platform allow you to maintain a more close relationship with your students and customers, achieving greater and stronger loyalty among them.

Our web services and applications set will allow connecting aGora with teachers, salesmen, students and customers and also between them.


Customize the environment and manage users

The aGora.connect administrator users will be able to customize the Web interface choosing the most suitable theme for the training centre corporative image from those available, and also add the company logo.

These users will also be who will manage which employees, students and customers will have Access to which aGora.connect applications.

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Improve your teachers' efficiency

Your centre teachers will be able to manage in an agile and simple way the students attendances and their assessments, check their teaching calendar, upload documents related to any of the courses they teach and sharing it to other colleaghes or students, etc.

All this information will be updated and synchronized automatically with your aGora ERP.

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Improve the communication with all your students

Using aGora.connect you will make the access to the information needed easier to your students, such as checking their assessment results, their classes planning or any document (exercises, notes, etc.), among other things.

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Improve the communication with all your customers

Using aGora.connet, your customers will have access to the information they need. This way, they will be able to download invoices, see assessment results and absences or download the assessment reports of the students whose classes they are paying for, among other things.

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Best user experience

Instantly updated information: Agile and simply utilities.

aGora.connect offers services that will help you to increase considerably your aGora user's experience, by making the application get information of some sources and through simplified interfaces to concrete tasks, which will make its handling and understanding easier.

Best user experience