aGora is available in 3 editions to suit all sizes and requirements. aGora will adapt to the growth and changes of your business and allows you to change the program edition without modifications in your system.

aGora Silver

aGora Silver

The advanced solution for educational centres management

The Silver edition offers you a multitude of tools and utilities for the management of customers, students, teachers, groups, enrolment, bill issuing, incoming payments, customisation of forms, reports and templates, management and control of attendance and teaching, generation and delivery of grades, control of invoicing and expense management, etc.

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aGora Gold

aGora Gold

The leading ERP for training companies

Gold edition adds to aGora Silver the management, control and sale of non-educational products and services (books, translations, classroom renting,…), document management, extension builder, etc.

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aGora Platinum

aGora Platinum

Maximum efficiency management software for huge training companies

The Platinum edition has all the tools provided by aGora Gold, adding the possibility of working with a higher number of concurrent users.

Besides, you will be able to have aGora.Moodle and aGora.Mailchimp extensions for free.

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Work with aGora from your own infrastructure.

Work with aGora from your own infrastructure

aGora.desktop option allows working with aGora from your own infrastructure.

Data will be located in your own aGora server, without constant Internet connection needed to access them

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aGora in the cloud: your software with a dedicated server.

Your aGora with a dedicated server allows you to use aGora and Microsoft® Office Standard from any place with Internet access and from multiple operative systems.

Your aGora server will be in the cloud and it will be dedicated, offering you all the aGora.desktop power.

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