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Our aGora.desktop option allows working with aGora taking profit of your own infrastructure. You will keep your data in your own aGora server, constant connection with Internet won't be needed to access them.


Using aGora.cloud you'll be able to use your aGora and Microsoft Office Standard from any place with Internet access and using multiple operative systems. Your aGora server will be located in the cloud and it will be completely dedicated, offering all the aGora.desktop power in the cloud.

aGora.connect extension

Connect your aGora-ERP license with all your work environment, students, customers, employees, etc. You can try for FREE during a complete month with no obbligation. You'll be able to cancel your aGora.connect subscription in any moment before the month ends from your user accont and that way you won't be charged.

Other extensions

Increase your efficiency and save money and time to your educational centre integrating your aGora management software with other platforms.

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Support and other services

Get support and expert help to guarantee your tranquility.