Link your online enrolment system with aGora ERP. Create online enrolments in aGora e validate them in an easy way.

Integrate your webpage enrolment system with aGora ERP

Integrate your webpage enrolment system with aGora ERP

Create online enrolments in aGora ERP from your websites.

Subscribing to this extension and the webservices that it includes, you will be able to link your online enrolment with aGora ERP.

In aGora, it will appear a new entity called 'online contracts', that can be validated by you in an easy way. aGora will create the enrolment automatically and also the related bill and incoming payments.

What does it allow doing?

Using the aGora.enrollMe module, you will be able to call the webservices to create online enrolments in aGora. That way, you will link your online enrolment process with your aGora ERP system.

Previous requirements

To be able to use this module, it is needed to accomplish the following requirements:

  • Have an aGora ERP edition subscribed.