O nosso mais sincero agradecimento a todos os utilizadores de aGora que com as suas sugestões contribuem ao lançamento das novas versões e compilações do programa.

Através das notas de versão você poderá ver as diferentes novidades incluidas nas versões e atualizações do programa. Estas novidades aumentam a potência de aGora constantemente, oferecendo melhor estabilidade, novas funções, erros corregidos, etc.

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Notas de versão de aGora

Novidades da versão 4.65.810

    This new extension, available if you have either the aGora.Connect or aGora.enrollMe extension (just one of them is enough), allows you to tailor personalized offers for yor customers. These offers can include one or more of your courses or (if you have an Gold edition or better) products/services, and they include the desired economic and academic terms of those items' prospective purchase. You can customize them to be as generic or customer-specific as you desire.
    Once created, these offers will be saved in your aGora.Connect and a link will be provided, that you can send to the prospective customer via e-mail or SMS. This link will show them a webform they can fill in with the desired data (configured by you) and, if they provide the necessary data and accept the terms, they can make the purchase specified by the offer.
    The link to the offer can also be manually published in your website so every visiting customer can directly make use of the offer.
    Once accepted by the customer, these offers will create a pre-enrolment or a pre-sale (depending if the offer was concerning a course group or a product). These items can be converted into a real enrolment or sale with a simple click of a button once you've checked their validity. Each offer can have a webform template to determine which data the customer needs to fill in.
    You can also demand an upfront payment before it can be confirmed, either as a first payment or as enrolment expenses. This will take the customer to our online payment platform, where the customer will need to enact the payment before completing the process.
  • IMPORTANTE NEW FUNCTIONALITY: A change was made to the response of the GET: api/enrollments/coursegroup method for the aGora.enrollMe API, used to retrieve a specific course group's data. Now the method also provides the course group's remaining openings, via the AvailablePlaces field. This item will be useful if you check the availability of the course group before you allow the customer to create a pre-enrolment via one of your webforms.
  • NOVIDADE New query: Centre's planned schedule. Available in the path Courses > > Académico > Scheduling and timetables > Centre's planned schedule
  • NOVIDADE Added functionality to digitally sign the document before sending it in the Send e-mails section of aGora's Control Panel. It makes it so, every time a PDF document generated by aGora is going to be sent via e-mail (invoices, bills, incoming payments, report sheets...), the software asks if you want to digitally sign it (or, depending on the option selected, if the sofware always signs the document without asking, or never signs the document).
  • NOVIDADE New task: Save document, added to the digital signature requests' list. This task directly saves the signed document and the signature log file in the file folder of the signatories.
  • NOVIDADE New button added to the digital signature section of relevant advanced management windows. The icon is See signed document, and will either show or download (as chosen when prompted) the signed document and its signature log.
  • NOVIDADE New ISO certificate fields added for the Provider item.
  • NOVIDADE New option added: Now, the results of the Certificate of income from courses query can be sent via e-mail (in PDF format) to each customer. Until now, you could only print the document or save it in PDF format.
  • NOVIDADE Now, in the course group list, when sending an e-mail to the students, teachers or customers related to the selected course group, you can choose to send it to ALL the students/customers/teachers related to the course group, not just to those actively in the course group (either because they are enrolled in it, or because they are teaching class in it).
  • NOVIDADE When linking an enquiry to a preenrolment that already has the Contracted status, the enquiry will also change automatically to a Contracted status. Now this process will also set the enquiry's student and customer to those set in the pre-enrolment, to mantain coherency.
  • NOVIDADE In aGora.Mailchimp, a new Archived status was added, to keep coherency with Mailchimp. This status was added by Mailchimp some time ago, and was until now treated in aGora as an "Error". Now it is properly used.
  • NOVIDADE Now you can digitally sign a diploma before sending it via e-mail (you can choose which digital signature you wish to use, and set it as a default for the rest of the session).
  • NOVIDADE When generating or sending a diploma, now aGora uses the computer's MS Word@, allowing the usage of advanced design options during the diploma's creation (like watermarking, text box usage...) which before were incompatible with the components aGora used.
  • NOVIDADE New option added: Now you can edit expenses which payment plan only has one instalment even if the instalment has already been paid. Until now, you could not edit those expenses at all, forcing you to delete the payment, edit the expens, and then set it as paid again. If the payment plan included more than one instalment, the edition process will still be blocked as usual.
  • NOVIDADE New field Online added in attendance and teaching that allows the user to indicate if the teaching and/or attendance of the student to the session has been in online mode. In this way, for centres where the student's attendance can be combined, it will be possible to have a record at all times of how the student attended the class that day.
  • NOVIDADE New functionality in aGora.connect, in the documentation section, the possibility of adding files by attaching a generic URL link to the file.
  • NOVIDADE New functionality in aGora.connect, in the documentation section, the possibility of attaching Google Drive files.
  • CORREÇÃO Solved a bug during the process to change the concept of bills in bulk if you also selected to change the concept of their related instalments.
  • CORREÇÃO Solved a bug that ocurred in the manual creation of a simple assessment result for SQL SERVER-based editions, whenever you tried to search the result's intended student.
  • CORREÇÃO Solved a bug that made it so the field "Area of interes" was not imported when importing enquiries via an Excel file.
  • CORREÇÃO When creating a sale via the simplified window, if done from the student's advanced management, the buttons meant to remove the selected VAT and tax deduction didn't really remove them. Now they do.
  • CORREÇÃO Process to batch delete bills changed. Before, it asked for confirmation for each selected bill. Now it only asks for confirmation once at the beginning.
  • CORREÇÃO Corrected a mistake when attaching a file to a digital signature request that made it impossible to select which file to attach.
  • CORREÇÃO Solved a bug when importing data from an Access database, which caused the data of field of datetime type to be imported in an erroneous format.
  • CORREÇÃO Changed the cancel incoming payment and cancel expense payment processes so they check for the correct permission before allowing to carry them out. Now correctly check if the user is allowed to edit the payment before proceeding.
  • CORREÇÃO Solved a bug that made it so you could not send an e-mail from the following queries: Agenda events with linked enquiry, Agenda events with linked customer and Agenda events with linked student.
  • CORREÇÃO Solved a bug that ocurred when cancelling an incoming or outgoing payment. The related bank account or cash register entry that was created had the original payment's payment method, not the one specified in the cancelling process.
  • CORREÇÃO Solved a bug in the assessment report's document when determining the mean score, because the system was not taking into account the assessment result type selected for the subject, and instead used the first one found that matched or included the result number.
  • CORREÇÃO Solved a buf when changing the teacher in a course group option when results had already been generated for that option. If the process to generate results was started again, it incorrectly created new results with the new teacher, when the right thing to do is not to do so and allow the user to decide if the existing results need their assigned teacher changed or not.