Manage and control all your centre's students


Manage your company's teachers

Educational offer

Manage and plan your courses and groups

Attendance and teaching

Manage and verify teaching and attendance to classes

Assessment results

Assess and hand in student reports to your students

Virtual campus

All-in-one place for teaching and learning (requires aGora.connect)

Other products and services

Manage non-academic products and services


Enquiries' follow-up

Online offers

Prepare online offers for course enrolment or sales of products and services (requires aGora.connect or aGora.enrollMe)

Agenda and task management

Control your agenda

Data privacy

Monitoring and processing to manage the protection of personal data.

Other commercial functions

Email and text message sending, quality control, etc.


Manage and control your centre's staff


Manage and control your company's customers


Manage pre-enrolments to your courses


Manage all the subscription process


Management of non-academic products and services' sales

Incoming payments

Management of bills, incoming payments, invoices, etc.

Outgoing payments

Management of expenses, staff costs, payments, etc.


Cash register and banc accounts' control

Electronic signature

Add electronic signature to your aGora ERP (requires aGora.SignRequest)

Queries and statistics

Hundreds of queries and statistics

Document manager

Design and customize your documents

Ribbon bar

Simple and intuitive interface

List windows

Multiple choice, data group, etc.

Advanced management

All data at your fingertips


Initial setup help

Extension builder

Create customized subprograms, queries and statistics


Control pannel and parameters


User groups, permits, etc.


Security backup, compaction, etc.

Help centre and support

User manual, contextual help and support service


Student file

Control and manage your centre's student files. You can introduce customized personal data such as sector and contact origin or studies level.

Student record

Print with a single click a personalized student record, including their group attendance, issued bills, etc.

Student card

Design and print your centre student cards.

Management of students

Manage from the advanced management window every data related to your centre. From the same window, you will consult the amount of money a student owes, collect pending bills, perform a new contract, consult group attendances or so on.


Teacher file

Manage your teachers' personal information using aGora. You will consult addresses, telephone numbers, send them emails or text messages, etc.

Management of teachers

From the advanced management of teachers' window, you will control your centre's teaching staff completely. You can easily see from the same window all the students linked to a determined teacher, which groups teaches and their calendar.

Teacher record

Print easily each teacher customized record, including their groups taught, teaching data and related students, etc.

Teacher cost calculation

There are some options offered to do this using teaching data: from a fixed price per hour taught or a percentage of the incomes per course taught.

Educational offer


Create and manage courses offered by your centre in a simple way with aGora.


Organize your courses (offered in different dates and places) in groups to classify them in a proper way. Create contracts, define schedules, print calendars, control attendances and so on.


Manage your classrooms and control room availability depending on their capacity.


Plan your educational offer, creating groups in a simple, intuitive and quick environment similar to the Microsoft® Outlook® agenda.


Deliver personalized schedules to your students or print out a classroom timetable. aGora allows printing and viewing groups, teachers, students, customers, etc. customized timetables.


Control and view your teachers and classrooms availability.


Control of taught classes

Verify and control taught classes by a determined teacher has never been so easy: aGora generates teaching records automatically: you only have to supervise the process and verify them.

Management of taught classes

Once verified, registers can be consulted and modified in aGora.

Control of student attendance

Control students assistance easily with the automatic aGora register generation: only exceptions should be supervised.

Management of student attendance

Once confirmed, attendance registers can be modified whenever is needed.

Attendance and class taught registers

aGora allows generating attendance (daily, weekly and monthly) and classes taught (weekly and monthly) customizable registers.

Attendance reports

Deliver customized attendance reports to your students, informing them about their absences.

Assessments results

Customize assessments and marks

Add to aGora your customized student marks.

Assessment results broken down into parts

Split assessments in some parts (oral comprehension, behaviour, etc.). Every item is completely customizable.

Assessment reports

Print and deliver to students customized assessments reports using aGora document manager.

Assessment results lists

Print assessment lists to be hung in your centre.

Diplomas and certificates

Design and deliver diplomas to students and certificates to teachers.

Virtual campus (requires aGora.connect)

Virtual classrooms

You will be able to create virtual classrooms in which your teachers will be able to set homework, grade it, upload material (video, images, documents, etc.), communicate with students, etc. Your students will have all their assignments better organized and will be more involved. In addition, if you link the classroom to a course, group or session, the application will automatically add and remove students or teachers from the classroom.

Aulas on-line

You will be able to offer online learning to your students. Add online sessions of your virtual classrooms to the calendar or carry out online classes of the schedules synchronized with aGora. Students will be able to join your online classes from their own calendar in aGora.connect. Besides, the system will register the attendance/absence of the students to the classes carried out.

Online document management

Organize all the school's documentation in areas and online folders. You can upload a document to the Teachers area (for a single teacher or for all teachers), to the Students area (for all or only one selected teacher), to a Group area (for all teachers and students, only for teachers, only for a student, etc.), etc.

Other products and services

Management of products and services

Manage both non educational products sold by the centre (books, DVDs,…) or services offered (translations, transport,…).

Management of stocks

Control your stock, registering acquired and sold products.

Stock adjustment

Make adjustments to balance data when taking inventory.

Requests for articles

Manage your centre needs of material purchases.


aGora allows the complete control of loans: collect loans, manage returning dates, register the owner of the loan, control delayed returns, etc. Stock is updated automatically.

Loans to employeess

Control which member of your staff, for how long and where something was borrowed.


Centralise enquiries

You can use the lead manager of aGora to centralise all the enquiries your centre receives from any source. Furthermore, it will allow you to work with thousands of enquiries simultaneously.

Monitoring enquiries

Make a complete commercial follow-up of customers or potential students interested in some of your products or services. Register all actions taken about them (calls, offers, meetings, etc.).

Import enquiries

With aGora enquiries can be imported from other websites using a simple import assistant. The application includes templates for Excel®, which you can use to import from other web portals in just a few clicks.

Manual entry of enquiries

The program also allows you to enter enquiries by hand, which allows you to administer all those enquiries that you receive though your website, by phone or from potential customers that drop into your centre.

Export enquiries

Not only can you import enquiries, but aGora allows you to export them to Microsoft® Excel® in just one click.

Email and text message marketing

You can use aGora to automatically send emails and text messages with merged information in batches. It includes an email editor that allows you to send emails in HTML format, as well as an email template manager that helps you save the emails that you send often. Text messages are sent via the Essendex© or Clickatell™ portal at extremely competitive prices. Both emails and text messages can be personalized, for example by automatically including the names of the addressees.

Smart folders

You can use the lead manager of aGora to organize them in search folders. These folders will make it much easier to work on enquiries, separating them into the categories of new, contacted, registered or discarded. Also, you can create new customised folders to put the enquiries that meet certain criteria. For example, those received for a particular course from a particular region in the past 3 months.

Online offers (requires aGora.connect or aGora.enrollMe)

Enroll or sell online with aGora

Prepare offers in aGora ERP for online enrolment in your courses or for selling your products and services that you can send to your customers. They will be able to access to a web form from which they will be able to introduce their data and complete the enrolment or purchase process through Internet.

Sending offers

Each offer you create in aGora will have a web address that you can send to your customers or contacts from the program via email or text message. The link they will receive allows them to access a web form where they can enter their data and accept online the offer.

Sell from your websiteb

You will be able to copy the link generated for each offer and publish it on your own website so that any visitor to your site can access that offer.

Customize your offer forms

When creating an offer in the software, you will have to choose the form model to be used for the offer. In aGora you can create as many models as you wish. In these models you can determine which personal data will be requested to the client and among these, the data that will be mandatory to be filled in.

Synchronized with aGora ERP

Once the online offer is accepted by your customer or contact, it will be synchronized in aGora ERP, appearing in the software as pre-enrolments or pre-sales. These can be validated and converted into enrolments or sales with just one click.

Collecting offers

You can configure the offer in aGora ERP to require the online payment of a certain amount, either as enrolment fees and/or first installment. In this case the customer will be redirected to the payment gateway Stripe™, where he/she will have to make the payment in order to complete the enrolment or online order process.

Agenda and task management

Flexible interface

The agenda in aGora has a simple interface, similar to the calendar of Microsoft® Outlook®. You can use it to quickly view, delete, modify or create events and appointments. You can drag and drop appointments from one day to another, modify the duration of an event by clicking and dragging its outline, etc.

Your own agenda, commercial agenda or complete agenda

Each member of staff can have his/her own agenda in aGora. There is a special one for the commercial department to coordinate and manage all the staff events from the same environment. From the complete agenda, all the centre’s events can be consulted.

Multiple links

Agenda events can be linked to customers, courses, enquiries or students. Thus, you can, for example, have a history of the agenda of a particular customer, or view a calendar of events associated with a particular course.

Agenda events with reminder

You can add reminders for events: the application will display a pop-up window a number of minutes before your appointments that you can define for each event.

Recurring events

Recurring events (regularly repeated) can be created in aGora agenda.

Task management

In aGora you can easily organize all your daily tasks, and know their status at any time, their priority and their deadlines for completion.

Comparative or aggregate mode agenda

In aGora, you can either see the agenda of several employees all together (aggregate mode) or you can divide them in columns by member of staff (comparative mode). In the latter case you can compare different employee's agendas and move events from one agenda to another by clicking and dragging, or copy events from one member of staff to another, etc.).

Agenda views

You can customize the information you see on the agenda. You can view the information daily, weekly, by working days (omitting the days that you have previously defined as holidays), or monthly, and you can define your working hours and the intervals in which you want to divide the day, etc.

Data privacy

Security in the data treatment

aGora ERP allows you to define a security policy at a company level, strengthening user passwords.

Permissions per user

It is possible to define for each user to which data they have full access, read-only access or access denied. In some tables, such as enquiries, assessment results or attendance control among others, it can also be defined read or full permission access, but only to the data linked to the user. For example, it may be established that a user who is a teacher can only have full access to the assessment results of the groups he or she teaches.

Storage of documents

Thanks to the documents management of aGora ERP, the sent and received documents related to requests, consents, revocations, etc. can be stored.

Management of main entities

Privacy management in enquiries, employees, students and customers.

Registration and consent management

Management and control of the status of all the made and received enquiries. The legal basis of the data treatment (consent, legitimate interest, contract,...), the state of the acquisition, date of acceptance, etc. are controlled.

Right to portability

Possibility of exporting the information of the entities (students, customers, enquiries and employees) to standard formats (Excel, PDF, RTF).

Other commercial functions

Email sending

Manage in the simpler way the email remittance to students, customers, staff and suppliers. Perform massive remittances with customized filters and with combined fields: an advanced marketing took at your disposal.

Email inbox

Manage in aGora your email accounts inbox. The system will link automatically the received emails to the students, customers and staff who sent them.

Email templates

Make as many templates as you like and reuse them as often as you want. You can design attractive emails in HTM format using the very complete email sending manager included in the application.

Email accounts

Set up aGora to use any of yuor email accounts.


Create, manage, design and deliver estimates using aGora.

Quality control

Manage your offered courses quality control.

Sending text messages

Send batches of messages personalized with merged fields to students, customers, teachers and suppliers. Notify a group of students immediately about a delayed class or notify customers about the imminent start of a course they are interested in. Text messages are sent through the Essendex© or Clickatell™ platform at very attractive prices. You can consult the status of text messages sent and the credit available in Essendex© and Clickatell™.

Text messages templates

Create as many text message templates as you like and reuse them as often as you want.


Management of staff

Manage all your staff with aGora: you can view all your staff members information from each file, consult their addresses, telephone numbers or send them an email or text message, etc..

Management of sales personnel

You can manage your sales department separately and see at a glance the bills issued from contracts obtained by a particular member of the sales team, the customers linked to the contracts or the actions that have been carried out in order to monitoring enquiries, amongst many other functions.


Customer file

Control and manage your customer files, adding all their data(address, email, phone number, etc.) to your aGora.

Management of customers

Use aGora to manage all your customers. All from a single window: you can consult how much a customer owes you; register payments for pending bills; see how many students are linked to them, or how many invoices have been issued to them, etc.


Make a clear difference between individuals and companies customers.


Add all desired people to each customer (such as companies), adding all their personal data (phone number, email address, postal address, etc.).


Add all desired extra addresses to each customer.


Effective and easy course booking

Pre-enrolments cover the centre’s need to offer customers the possibility of booking its courses.

They allow to link a student and a customer to a group, booking a place in the group for the student, which will be confirmed when the pre-enrolment becomes a contract.

Manual or automated conversion into contracts

The pre-enrolments created in aGora can be automatically transformed into contracts by the user by taking the pre-enrolment data to complete the contract form. The user will also be able to copy data and edit it if necessary, before actually perform the conversion of a pre-enrolment into a contract.

Synergy with aGora.enrollMe

Having contracted the aGora.enrollMe module, you will be able to directly receive in aGora the pre-enrolments made through this module, without any staff intervention.

The contracts generated from these pre-enrolments will be created as paid according to the amount the customer has already paid during the aGora.enrollMe enrolment process.

Order actually matters

Pre-enrolments keep an order for the same group, allowing the centre to identify easily who should have preference for having made the course booking earlier, and following that order when converting pre-enrolments into contracts.


Discounts and surcharges

The enrolment procedure, or registration of contracts, allows you to apply discounts or supplements that may be predefined or personalized to each student. And the price of each course can be modified for a particular contract, a particular situation or a particular customer. But its default value will always be its predefined value.

Means of payment

The application contemplates several payment options to be included in contracts. For example, you can charge customers recurring amounts, set up personalized payment plans for instalments or charge per hour of classes attended or taught. Later, aGora, in just one click, will take care of the generation of all the bills generated from all the contracts.

Automatic classroom capacity control

The enrolment process with aGora is the easiest ever: it allows defining the maximum number of students per group and manages them automatically, it will warn you when trying to enrol a student to a group already completed and will allow you adding him/her to the waiting list.

Differentiation of student and customer

aGora differences between students (who attend courses) and customers (who pay for the courses). They can be the same person, or not.

Enrolment forms

Customize the contract document with the aGora document manager.

Other products and services sales


Control and manage with aGora non educational products (books, DVD, etc.) and services (translations, classroom rentals, etc.) offered by your centre to the customers.

Instalment plans

Create all predefined payment plans that you want to, aGora will generate all the instalments that should be collected easily. Payment plans completely customizable if desired.


Sales are made by customers, but optionally, you can indicate who the beneficiaries are (from the existing students).

Discounts and surcharges

Sales of products and services, in the same way as enrolment, allow applying predefined or customized discounts or surcharges.

Contract forms

Customize the purchasing contract with the aGora document manager.

Incoming payments

Bill management

Manage your centre bills. Issue new ones, modify the existing ones, delete or print them, etc. You will know in each moment how much money your customers owe you.

Issuing of bills

The application will generate all the bills due to be issued up to the date given by the user on the click of the mouse. You can easily administer the centre's incoming payments because aGora will help you keep on top of the amounts your customers owe you.

Issuing of invoices

You can issue invoices for any of the bills. You can also do the rest of the operations you require: different series, rectifying invoices, modification of data, batch printing, etc.

Received payment management

You can administer all the payments you receive, cancel them, or display a summary of the total payments received grouped by means of payment.

Outgoing payments

Expenses management

The aGora program will help you keep an iron grip control of your centre's expenses. You can assign expenses to individual course groups, so that they may be taken into account in the profitability calculations carried out by the program.

Staff expensess

Control the staff expenses of your centre with aGora.

Outgoing payment managemet

The management of outgoing payments will allow you to take into account the different payments that have to be made for the expenses you have included in the program.


Setting up cash registers

Manage as many cashes as you want to in an easy way.

Cash management

See all your cash transactions at a glance. Locate any transaction quickly by its date, amount, item description, etc. Whenever the means of payment is stipulated as cash, the program will automatically add the appropriate entries to the cash records for both incoming and outgoing payments. You can also enter by hand any money entering or leaving the register.

Cash counts/audits

The reconciliation process will allow you to contrast the values registered in aGora with the physical cash register.

Setting up bank accounts

You can set up as many bank accounts as you wish and easily manage them with aGora.

Bank accounts management

Use aGora to automatically enter all the incoming and outgoing payments made through your bank, giving you an iron grip control of your treasury. And you can also enter manually any bank transaction that has not been entered automatically.

Bank reconciliation

The bank reconciliation process helps you to contrast the values registered in aGora with your bank statements.

Electronic signature (requires aGora.SignRequest)

Sign any document

Select any document generated or attached in aGora ERP (contracts, invoices, budgets, etc.) and send a signature request to the recipients you choose among your students, customers or teachers.

Add attachments

Both the center and the recipient can attach documents to a signature request. In addition, you can make signatory attachments mandatory so that signatories do not forget to upload the mandatory information.

From any device

Your student clients or teachers can sign documents online from their cell phone, computer or tablet. Choose to draw or upload a signature or simply have them write their name.


By creating your document templates in aGora ERP, you can save a lot of time when generating signature requests.


All documents sent and signed will record the IP address, email, a timestamp, etc..., guaranteeing a secure audit. In addition, if desired, by purchasing an text message verification pack of aGora.SignRequest, an additional layer of security can be added for the most confidential documents.


Signatures with aGora.SignRequest as well as being secure are legally binding thanks to ISO 27001 certification and compliance with GDPR and eID.AS.

Data queries and statistics

More than 390 data queries

The application offers more than 390 predefined data queries. The queries show you crossed data from different tables so that you can, for example, quickly see all the students that belong to a particular course group, the customers with bills pending payment, or all the enquiries handled by a particular member of staff.

More than 110 statistics

In aGora you will find more than 110 statistics of interesting data with graphs that you can customise and print out.

Hierarchical lists

In the query windows, this special option will use the document manager to display a list with all the data grouped in subsets according to a specific characteristic. For example, the "Students by course group" query window will display a list where you can see all the students grouped according to the course groups they belong to.

Document manager

Customize your documents

From the Silver edition of aGora upwards, all the documents in the program, from student lists to invoices, can be customized by the user.

Design view

You can use the design view of aGora's document manager to modify any document. You can make any additions or modifications you choose (labels, fields, images, bar codes, etc.). And you can modify the font of a field, the colour of a label, add lines or grids or insert text in rtf, etc.


The preliminary view allows you to see how your design will look, and you can print it or export it to standard formats such as PDF, HTML, RTF, etc.

Ribbon bar

Simpler interface

The ribbon bar is an important evolutionary step with respect to older menu interfaces. It is designed to make it easier for you to find the options you need to complete any task. Its incorporation in the application has made it much more user friendly.


Commands are organised logically in different sections or tabs. Each tab includes all the options related to a specific activity. For example, in the "Commercial" tab you will find the functions to manage commercial tasks such as the agenda, the lead manager and the preparation of estimates.

Groups within tabs

Each tab is divided into functional groups. Each group is related to a type of activity. For example, the group "Educational offer", under the "Courses" tab, includes the options to add courses, course groups, subjects and everything else that makes up the educational offer of your centre.

The aGora button

This button provides fast access to some special aGora options from the main program configuration (control panel and assistant), to the "My aGora" options ("my management", "my agenda", "today’s warnings"), the technical support and help options, etc.

Message bar

When there are any tasks or important reminders that require your action, the application will show them in the message bar.

List windows

Multiple sorting

Order data, in an ascending or decreasing way, multiple columns with a single click.

Quick searches

To search for a text in a list window, enter the text that you want to find in the search box and you will see all the rows that contain the text in any of their columns.

Data grouping

You can group list window files simply by dragging the column that you want to group by to the grouping box. This way you can, for example, see the list window of all students residing in a particular region at the click of the mouse.

Change size, delete or reordering columns

The list windows in aGora allows you to change the size of columns, remove the ones you are not interested in and put them in whichever order you prefer.

Field selector

In the list windows not all the available fields are visible at any one time, as some of them may be hidden. You can use the field selector at any time to display the hidden columns that you are interested in.

Task panel

Most of the list windows have a task panel that allows you to perform some of the most common operations on the registers that you have selected. For example, in the "Customer file" list window you can prepare an estimate, see the customer's calendar of courses, or assign them a member of the sales staff for follow-up, etc.

Filtros avanzados

You can use the filter assistant to see a subset of the data displayed in a window. You can quickly create a customised filter. You can even create them with parameters and reuse them whenever you want.

Advanced management

Everything within your reach

The advanced management windows show you all data related to your operation that is both comprehensive and intuitive. It is a powerful window that allows you to gain an oversight into all the functions related to a student, a customer, a member of staff, a course, a course group, a classroom or an article.

Centralised work

You can perform the same operations in the advanced management windows as in the rest of the windows of aGora. But when you are performing various operations on a register, it is a helpful short cut, which means that you do not have to close your current window to perform them. You can enrol a student, register payments for a bill, or see your statistics, etc., all from a central point.


First stepss

aGora's assistant will help you in your first steps with el program and facilitate a correct initial set up of the application, to make the work you do later easier and quicker.

Control centre

The assistant will help you to quickly access the main sections of the program, making it easier to take the appropriate steps in the right order. This way you will intuitively learn the basic concepts. And you can continue to use the assistant afterwards as the application's control centre.

Reminders and tasks

The assistant will keep you informed about possible conflicts that it detects, warning you if any important data is missing for the correct operation of aGora. A series of notifications will explain the problems detected, their consequences and how to fix them. The most important notifications will have a red exclamation mark "!" in front of the text, while the less important will have a blue letter "i".

Extension builder


Create your own subprograms (based on data tables) linked to aGora and so extend the program and manage new areas that are particular to your own centre. The subprograms can be linked to the original application, or to each other, such that when you have several of them linked together you are talking about a fairly complex administrative operation.

Data queries

Apart from the more than 390 predesigned queries included in aGora, you can create your own queries for the data controlled by the application or its subprograms. All with the help of a simple interface for the creation data queries. You can also perform direct queries on the program's tables using the relational database access language SQL.


A well as the more than 110 predesigned statistics included in aGora, you can create your own statistics by link or by date and include graphs in them. The statistics show results of totals, i.e. they are overall results, not details. For example, the number of hours a certain classroom was occupied or the total number students that have had courses in it over a particular period.


Control Panel

Configure and customize from the "Control panel" different options and aspects of the application's functions. You can adapt optimisation and performance values, the configuration of the sending of text messages, the setting up of the processes for monitoring student attendance and the classes that have been taught, etc.


Apart from the control panel, there is a whole series of customisable auxiliary data, namely, the program parameters. Here you can customise data such as types of group, types of event or instalment plans, among many more options.



aGora is multiuser, meaning that you can have as many user accounts as you want.

Register of operations

Each user account is linked to an employee in the centre and the program keeps a register of the computer and user that have performed any sensitive operation, for example the issue of bills or the receipt of payments for bills, etc.

Access by password

To keep your data safe, each of the user accounts will have its own password.

User groups

You can set up as many user groups as you wish. This makes the administration of permissions for each aGora user account much simpler.


Define access permissions to the different parts of aGora. These permissions are defined for particular user groups. All the user accounts that belong to the group will have the same permissions.

Access levels

There are five access levels in aGora: "full access", "read only" or "no access" and, for some sections, there is also "read only own data" and "full access to own data". With these special permissions you can, for example, allow a teacher to enter the program to see the results of an assessment, but they would only see the results of their own students.

Quick user change

This feature is used if the user needs to be absent for a short while: just one click leaves the application at the user and password window, making it unnecessary to close aGora while the user is away.


Automatic savings

When data or registers are created, modified or deleted, the application automatically saves the changes. So you will not need to remember to periodically save the data.


The backup tool of aGora allows you to make copies of your data that can be restored in case of problems. It is important to use this tool and to protect your data against possible losses due to any number of causes (voltage drops, irrevocable mistakes, theft, etc.).


Improve your administration and management with aGora. Each new version of the application includes improvements that you can take advantage of. The program will tell you when a new version comes out and you can download it and install it in seconds with the help of the update assistant.

Database compaction

The application will take care of periodically compacting its databases to ensure stability, better performance, the prevention of file corruption and the minimisation of the space occupied on your hard disk. You can also do this manually from the application.

Help centre and support

Complete user manual

aGora includes a comprehensive user manual full of screen captures and examples to help the user understand the operation of the application.

Contextual help

Apart from the manual, you can obtain help from the "?" icon available in many of the application's windows. Clicking on this icon will take you to the specific help menu items related to the window you are in.

Support service

We have two technical support service levels, offered by specialized aGora advisors. The Standard Support service and the Premium Support service, with extended and personalized coverage to let you get the maximum benefit from your aGora.