Receive help to install your aGora and get a pack to solve your doubts.

Our Standard Support service offers you help to face difficulties installing the program or its updates and new versions. Furthermore, you can make suggestions to improve aGora and obtain a 5 ticket for incidences or consultations every year.

Note: This service is included in all aGora editions without aditional charge.

Standard Support

Installation help

If you have any difficulty while installing or updating aGora, we will help you to solve them.

5 consultations or incidences pack

Get a 5 ticket pack every year to make consultations about the program functionality or solve incidences.

Suggestions box

Share with us your ideas and points of view. You will be allowed to make suggestions to improve and expand aGora.

Installation help

Installation help

Our technicians will help you to install the application or any of the updates.

Through this service, our specialized technicians will help you facing any installation or updating difficulty.

If it is considered necessary, our technicians will install your aGora in your computer themselves, by remote connecting. That way, you will have your program ready to start working.

5 consultations pack

Get 5 tickets yearly to make consultations or solve incidences with our specialized staff.

By contracting Standard Support, you will get a 5 ticket pack per year to make consultations or solve incidences by email.

These tickets cannot be accumulated from one year to the following one. If they are not used, they cease to be useful.

Suggestions box

From the very beginning, aGora has grown and improved thanks to its users' help.

Through this service at aGora users' disposal, you can share with us your ideas to improve our program.

You can make suggestions to expand the application, them all will be studied by our development department, and if considered viable, will be implemented and incorporated in the next versions of the application.

Suggestions box