Accept ONLINE card payments without having to develop any code.

By simply creating an account on the Stripe™ payments platform, you can receive online payments from your customers by sending them an email or text message from aGora ERP.

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Optimise your income

Optimise your income

Accept card payments from your customers from anywhere in the world.

With aGora.webPayments, your aGora ERP will be able to send a link by email or text message to your customers which will allow them to pay debts or invoices from anywhere in the world with a browser and an Internet link.

In addition, Stripe™, the payment platform used by aGora.webPayments, ensures compliance with payment regulations.

What does it allow doing?

With the aGora.webPayments module you will be able to receive online card payments from your training centre's customers.

By creating an account for your centre in Stripe™ you will be able to send payment requests via email or text message to your customers from aGora ERP.

Previous requirements

To be allowed to use this module, some previous requirements must be accomplished:

  • Have a Stripe™ account.
  • Have aGora.desktop or subscribed.