O nosso mais sincero agradecimento a todos os usuários de aGora que com as suas sugestões contribuem ao lançamento das novas versões e compilações do programa.

Através das notas de versão você poderá ver as diferentes novidades incluidas nas versões e atualizações do programa. Estas novidades aumentam a potência de aGora constantemente, oferecendo melhor estabilidade, novas funções, erros corregidos, etc.

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Notas de versão de aGora

Novidades da versão 4.42.580

  • IMPORTANTE Assessment results by parts revised and improved. From now, aspects can be linked to specific assessments, that way, the aspect of subject will only be assessed in that assessment. Different assessment sets can be linked to specific aspects to be assessed as well, that way those aspects use a different assessment system from other aspects to be assessed.
  • IMPORTANTE Included the possibility to send bill, income and bill instalment's PDF documents to the customers linked to them from each element's list window.
  • NOVIDADE New queries about assessment results added.
  • NOVIDADE New statistics about assessment results added.
  • NOVIDADE New Assessment Result's field (both regular ones and results by parts) : Definitive result. This field indicates if the referred result of assessment is considered to be the actual definitive student's result in this assessment period, and if it must be considered as valid for all effects. The assessment result's documents have been modified to make the pogramm ask before generating them if the user wants to include only the definitive results or all of them.
  • NOVIDADE New automation to modify the field value "Definitive result" of batch assessment results.
  • NOVIDADE New automation to clone aspects to be assessed assigned to a subject in other subjects (so all of them will have the same aspects to be assessed).
  • NOVIDADE Added the possibility to include the assessment results' "Abbreviation" field in the documents of the students reports.
  • NOVIDADE Posibility to change course groups in contracts which include already invoiced bills. When the course group changes, only those contract bills not invoiced will change to the new group (no changes will be done in the already invoiced bills).
  • NOVIDADE New field added for the Record Code in the Courses table and in the windows where the Courses data are shown.
  • NOVIDADE Added the possibility to add new loans to staff from the Advanced Management of Teachers' window.
  • NOVIDADE Added the possibility to include the new customer's "IBAN" field to the invoice documents generated by the program. This field doesn't allow to show all digits in order to protect the customer's data security.
  • NOVIDADE Added the possibility to include a field calculating the import that a teacher gets by hour and another one which calculates the total of acumulated hours that a teacher gets paid from the query lists "Total hours by teacher". They only will be shown if the user chooses to group listed data by Session.
  • NOVIDADE New fields added to include with column selector of the query windows details such as "Students, customers, course groups and contracts details" and "Contracts-Student details".
  • NOVIDADE New batch process in the "Change batch bills' instalments plan" in the Accounts menu, which allows to change the instalments plan linked to different bills at the same time.
  • NOVIDADE Educaedu added as an aGora compatible site for the enquiries importation from Excel. The Excel documents sent daily by the Educaedu site to each customer can now be imported directly from aGora with this new feature.
  • NOVIDADE Button added in the course group's edit window to calculate the course group's and its related session's ending date according to its timetables and to the total of hours introduced in the course group.
  • NOVIDADE New query in the Accounts menu: Bank transactions by user.
  • CORREÇÃO Error fixed in the batch contracts' copy when the contracts to be copied when a discount by default had been applied to them.
  • CORREÇÃO Error fixed when trying to print an instalment's related bill from the corresponding button located in that instalment for the SQL Server based aGora instances.
  • CORREÇÃO Error fixed cancelling a course group from the course groups list if the course groups' visibility is marked as "Show current course groups only", due to the group and contracts ending order.
  • CORREÇÃO Problem fixed when adding new loans to staff from the Advanced Management of Staff's window.
  • CORREÇÃO The email invoice shipment uses now correctly its own template type instead of using the customer's ones.
  • CORREÇÃO Problem fixed that didn't allowed to indicate the desire of controlling the stock of a product or service when adding it for the first time.
  • CORREÇÃO Solved error when maximising the Agenda's window after having minimised it, under some particular circumstances.
  • CORREÇÃO Solved error when cancelling a contract related to a course group from the corresponding section of the Advanced management of groups window.
  • CORREÇÃO Solved error in the "Teachers per qualification" statistic for the aGora SQL Server based versions.
  • CORREÇÃO Solved error in the "Totals by date" statistic for the aGora SQL Server based versions.
  • CORREÇÃO Error fixed in the shipment of PDF documents for the SQL Server based versions that threw up an error when trying to sent them to recipients with photo data.
  • CORREÇÃO Bug fixed that caused problems with the template type used when trying to send emails with templates using receiver type as "Providers".
  • CORREÇÃO Error fixed in the Enquiries window that caused an error message in aGora and its immediate closing when trying to open a searching enquiries' folder with the condition "by assessment starting date".