O nosso mais sincero agradecimento a todos os usuários de aGora que com as suas sugestões contribuem ao lançamento das novas versões e compilações do programa.

Através das notas de versão você poderá ver as diferentes novidades incluidas nas versões e atualizações do programa. Estas novidades aumentam a potência de aGora constantemente, oferecendo melhor estabilidade, novas funções, erros corregidos, etc.

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Notas de versão de aGora

Novidades da versão 4.61.770

  • IMPORTANTE Presales. Added new feature to manage the products/services presales and functions in the Pre-enrollments section. Only available from the Gold edition onwards. Also added to the EnrollMe module to be able to perform them online.
  • NOVIDADE Added the possibility to create email and text message templates for the new section Presales.
  • NOVIDADE New Query: Customers by teacher
  • NOVIDADE New Query: Customers by teacher (current)
  • NOVIDADE Added more fields in the Excel template for the importation of students and customers, to allow filling more data about them in the importation process.
  • NOVIDADE Added possibility to import Excel to modify records of students or/and customers.
  • NOVIDADE New field Comments in the Contracts file.
  • NOVIDADE Added the possibility of filtering by contracts and not by students in the query "Students, customers, groups and contracts data.
  • NOVIDADE Added new list of history records. To have more control of all the (economic and academic or administrative) processes that may need a record of deletion or/and modification.
  • NOVIDADE Added new field Current in the students table for the query temporary absences or total students and students that have finished contract naturally.
  • NOVIDADE Added new actions in the list windows toolbar of students, customers, groups, courses, products and members of staff to be able to list and add linked actions to those records.
  • NOVIDADE Added new actions in the list windows toolbar of students, groups, courses, products and members of staff, to be able to list and add linked tasks to those records.
  • NOVIDADE Added new actions in the list windows toolbar of students and customers to be able to add new sakes of products/services linking automatically the additions to those records.
  • NOVIDADE Changed development to allow modifications in the amounts of payment for the pre-enrollments.
  • NOVIDADE Added new field Student type in the beneficiaries list (students) of a sale within the its edition window and in the lists/queries of the sales beneficiaries.
  • NOVIDADE Added the field Student type in the Sales in batch process, both for fintering and for showing the list.
  • NOVIDADE Added new feature to be able to modify data in the student/customer file already existin in the database, with the pre-enrollments data. Just in case the ones in the pre-enrollment were the same as the existing ones or not.
  • NOVIDADE Added development to show in the customers and students' advanced management the emails sent to incoming payment requests and presales of the linked student/customer. Before, those emails weren't shown.
  • NOVIDADE Added new process to allow, in case a teacher is changed in a group session, if he/she has different amounts of expenses, notifies the user and gives him the option to add the new data in the session.
  • NOVIDADE Added extra fields in the results report and the assessment results list to be able to add the teacher's name and surname separatedly.
  • NOVIDADE Added new fields in the column selector: course, group and product/service . To be able to add them in the list windows of agenda events and notifications.
  • NOVIDADE New statistic: Active students by gender and academic year.
  • NOVIDADE New statistic: Active students by gender and year.
  • NOVIDADE Added new prefilters in the statistics of Students by gender, Students by origin and Students by sector.
  • CORREÇÃO Fixed bug that occurred in SQL databases in the "Profitability forecasts" query if the "Include other income in profitability calculations" option was activated with a combination of "calculate on due debts".
  • CORREÇÃO Fixed bug that occurred when the type of settlement was "Periodic collection (hourly)" and the process of generating periodic debit was launched from within the registration that gave a programming error.
  • CORREÇÃO Fixed bug that occurred when invoices were sent by e-mail, where the billing series data was not entered as the company name, but rather the company data in the label fields.
  • CORREÇÃO Fixed bug that occurred when registering a sale of products / services from Advanced Customer Management when the customer was of type "Company".
  • CORREÇÃO Fixed bug when editing a payment method of treatment type "Other" associated with a bank. The window was blurred because the payment platform window was also displayed.
  • CORREÇÃO Fixed bug in the lists of staff timetables to sign that caused that in the function of calculating the hours of a teaching to fill in the form, some differences of hours with decimals caused that they were not calculated well, and caused that it was not put well in the "fraction" of morning or afternoon corresponding.
  • CORREÇÃO Fixed bug that occurred when exporting grades to Excel, which failed if the name of the student to whom the tab for the grade was created was longer than X characters.
  • CORREÇÃO Fixed Mailchimp bug that caused that when you made a Mailchimp segment registration, if you created a new email record registration in Mailchimp in the process, the Mailchimp ID was not saved correctly in the student/client/application record... associated in our database.
  • CORREÇÃO Fixed user permissions bug, when you were in a department that has full permissions and in another where the permission was, for example, only read and register, or another of the new combination, it did not take the department with full permissions, but applied the new permission.
  • CORREÇÃO Fixed bug when registering a student and a client from pre-registration, if you register the student and then the client from the student's file, all the data protection information was removed from the pre-registration.
  • CORREÇÃO Fixed error that when registering a task, even if you set a different priority than normal and a different status than not started, the description of "Normal" and "Not started" would appear.