Connect your centre with your students, customers and employees.

Share materials and class resources, run online teaching, send messages, manage homework, assess your students and make teaching accessible from everywhere. All of it synchronized with your aGora ERP.

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Virtual classrooms

Help your teachers and students to organise their homework. By using simple tools, your teachers will be able to manage their courses work in an effective way.

Online learning

Run classes remotely with Zoom. Enhance your students' engagement through virtual experiences and expand access to education.

Always connected

With a simple, intuitive and completely adaptive web environment, your teachers, students and customers will be able to work from any device with an Internet connection.


Make your administrative tasks more efficient. Check attendances, add grades, manage absences,… all synchronised with your aGora ERP.

Sending online offers

Prepare online offers for course registration or sale of products and services with your aGora ERP.

Find out about aGora.connect

Find out some of the features that this platform offers.

Virtual classroom

Manage teaching from aGora.connect

The aGora.connect virtual classrooms offer agile and simple tools that will help teachers to manage the work in their courses, increasing communication with students and helping to foster collaboration between them.

Teachers will be able to create classrooms (linked to aGora ERP or not), add homework, grade and comment on them, upload materials (such as videos, text documents, images or PDF files), post announcements for the participants, etc. And all this from the same platform.

Students will have their assignments better organized; they will be able to participate in the classrooms in an easy way and will become more involved in the course development, which will help them reach all their potential.

Online learning

Offer online learning to your students.

Add to the calendar online sessions of your virtual classrooms or carry out online classes of the timetables synchronised with aGora ERP.

Your aGora.connect uses the popular Zoom video-calling application to do remote teaching.

By default, aGora.connect uses its own Zoom account to carry out the online meetings without the centre having to do anything else, you won't have to create or pay for any Zoom account, aGora.connect will take care of everything automatically and all teachers will be able to carry out meetings without any previous configuration.

Alternatively, aGora.connect offers you the possibility to use the centre's own Zoom account.

Online Learning
Always connected

Always connected

Simple, intuitive and adaptive web environment.

Thanks to an adaptive and user-friendly web environment, with aGora.connect, both teachers and students can access their homework, grades, calendar, course materials, attendances data,... from any computer or mobile device.


Information updated and synchronized with your aGora ERP.

Using aGora.connect you will be able to improve the efficiency of your centre since you will speed up repetitive tasks, such as, for example, managing class attendances of assessing. When your teachers carry out these tasks from the aGora.connect web applications, this information will be synchronised with your aGora ERP. In this way, your centre administrators will not have to add that information in the application.

The planning and timetables will also be synchronised with aGora.connect. That way, your employees, customers and students will have access to them. Furthermore, virtual classrooms linked to aGora groups or sessions can be created, so that when adding or ending an enrolment in the application, the virtual classrooms will be kept updated automatically.

Sending offers

Sending online offers

Enrol or sell online with aGora ERP.

If you have aGora.connect module, you do not need to have your own platform for sales or enrolment, you will be able to prepare offers in aGora ERP for the online enrolment to your courses or for the sale of your products and services.

Each offer you create in aGora will have a web address that you can send to your customers or contacts from the software via email or text messaging. The link they will receive will allow them to access a web form, which you can customise and in which they can enter their details and accept the offer sent online. In addition, you can copy the generated link to your own website so that any visitor to your site can access the offer.

You can also configure the offer to charge a specific payment online, either for the enrolment fee and/or the first instalment. In this case your customer will be redirected to Stripe™ payment gateway, where he/she will have to make the payment in order to complete the online enrolment or ordering process.

Discover aGora.connect

aGora.connect consists of 4 web applications to which you can invite users with the role of administrators, teachers, customers and students of your training centre.


Customize the environment and manage users

The aGora.connect administrator users will be able to customize the Web interface choosing the most suitable theme for the training centre corporative image from those available, and also add the company logo.

These users will also be who will manage which employees, students and customers will have Access to which aGora.connect applications.

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Improve the efficiency of your teachers

Your teachers will be able to manage the class attendance of their students in an agile and simple way, assess them, have access to check their class calendar, etc. All this information is automatically updated and synchronized with your aGora ERP.

In addition, teachers will be able to create virtual classrooms, which will help them manage and organize their coursework, assess it, and promote communication and greater collaboration among their students.

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Improve communication with your students

Using aGora.connect you will provide your students with direct access to the most important information they need, such as their grades, class calendar, ...

Furthermore, with aGora.connect virtual classrooms, students will have access to course materials, view and manage their homework, hand it in and make public and private comments (only for the teacher) on them.

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Improve communication with your customers

Using aGora.connect, your clients will have access to the most important information they need. In this way, they will be able to download the invoices generated by your services, see the grades and absences of the students who they pay for the classes or download their reports among many other things.

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