Main features of aGora Basic

Advanced CRM

Wide set of functionalities that will provide your commercial and marketing teams all the necessary tools to increase productivity, attract new clients, finish faster your course's sales and build your customers and students loyalty by creating profitable and long-lasting links. You will perform massively email, text messages and regular mail sending through the usage of customized templates.

Standard academic management

Now you will be able to manage efficiently your centre's educational offer (courses, groups, sessions, teachers,…), control daily your students management, carry on contracts, control waiting lists and so on.

Advanced planning and timetables

Plan and visualize your timetables in your desired way: daily, weekly or monthly. Configure which are the labour days, how to divide your hours, create and modify your educational offer immediately, print calendars, etc. All this placed in an easy and friendly environment similar to the Microsoft® Outlook® agenda.

Standard economic management

Manage your customer files, issue sold course bills and collect the correspondent incoming payments. You will know in every moment how much money your customers owe you.


Create as many users as you want to, and with your desired permissions. That way you can decide which parts of the application you want them to enter and which not.


Basic edition has 1 user allowed to work concurrently by default, and it allows up to a maximum of 3 users to work with the application at the same time.

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