Link your online enrolment system with aGora ERP. Create pre-enrolments in aGora and validate them in an easy way.

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Integrate your webpage enrolment system with aGora ERP

Integrate your webpage enrolment system with aGora ERP

Create pre-enrolments in aGora ERP from your websites.

Subscribing to this extension and the webservices that it includes, you will be able to link your online enrolment with aGora ERP.

In aGora, the pre-enrolments submitted from your websites to the aGora.enrollMe web service will be synchronized.

From the application you will be able to validate the pre-enrolments easily and aGora will create the enrolment and even generate the bill and the pertinent charges automatically inside the ERP.

Sending online offers

Enrol or sell online with aGora ERP.

If you have aGora.enrollMe module, you do not need to have your own platform for sales or enrolment, you will be able to prepare offers in aGora ERP for the online enrolment to your courses or for the sale of your products and services.

Each offer you create in aGora will have a web address that you can send to your customers or contacts from the software via email or text messaging. The link they will receive will allow them to access a web form, which you can customise and in which they can enter their details and accept the offer sent online. In addition, you can copy the generated link to your own website so that any visitor to your site can access the offer.

You can also configure the offer to charge a specific payment online, either for the enrolment fee and/or the first instalment. In this case your customer will be redirected to Stripe™ payment gateway, where he/she will have to make the payment in order to complete the online enrolment or ordering process.

Sending online offers

What does it allow doing?

Using the aGora.enrollMe module, you will be able to call the webservices to create pre-enrolments in aGora. That way, you will link your online enrolment process with your aGora ERP system.

Moreover, if you don't have your own enrolment platform, that's OK, you can prepare offers in aGora ERP, which you will send via email or text message to your customers or contacts so that they can enrol online for your courses or for the sale of your products and services.

Previous requirements

To be able to use this module, it is needed to accomplish the following requirements:

  • Have aGora.desktop or subscribed.