Access your data always from your own computer

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Updates and new versions

Every aGora user will have all the updates and new versions of the contracted edition for free.

Permanent access to your data

Having your data stored in your own server, it can be accessed even when there are net connection problems.

Privacy and security

Decide what privacy and security politics apply to the server where your aGora data is located

Lower licence cost

There is no need to pay a cloud server, so price is lower than the option.

Help and support

Premium Support during the first contracted year WITHOUT ANY LIMIT of queries and Standard Support always for free (aGora Basic edition or higher).

Updates and new versions

You will be always updated with the latest improvements added to the program.

Every aGora user will enjoy the updates and new versions launched.

This free service will be expanding aGora constantly, providing you of improved stability, new functionalities, solved errors and so on.

See how to update aGora.desktop to a new version

Updates and new versions

Permanent data access

You will be able to work with aGora data even when there is no Internet connection.

The aGora.desktop option installs application and data in your own computers.

That way, if you lose Internet connection, you will be able to continue working with your aGora system without any kind of problem.

Privacy and security

Privacy and security

Control yourself your data privacy and security politics.

Despite the fact that the latest technological advantages in physical and logical security, air conditioning and power supply provided by the Data Center where the servers are housed, and that your information confidentiality is strongly guaranteed, there are still some users who prefer having the total and complete control of the security and privacy politics of their aGora management data.

That is why having data located in their own property computers, to be accessed physically, makes sense in order to protect your data taking your own security measures.

Lower licence cost

You will be pay less working from your own infrastructure.

aGora.desktop option requires a lower investment for your aGora, and you will be the one who decides about the features and settings of the infrastructure to be installed and configured your aGora management system.

Lower licence cost
Help and support

Help and support

Premium Support for free during the first year.

If your aGora.desktop subscription is a Basic edition or higher, you will have the Premium Support service included for free during a whole year.

From that moment on, you can subscribe the service if you want to, or continue just with the Standard Support completely for free forever.

Note: In case you subscribe aGora Lite edition, any of the Support services must be subscribed separately.