Our updates and upgrades are constantly expanding aGora, providing improved stability, new features, fixed bugs and more.

You can take a look at the news of the latest aGora version, if desired.

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Keep your aGora updated

Why applying aGora's updates?

Why applying aGora updates

Kherian Soft is constantly making efforts to improve aGora, that's why you will be provided always of the latest versions of the application.

Updates are our way to provide you of new fixed bugs and performance, speed and functionality improvements completely for free. Upgrades generally improve the stability and overall user experience of our program.

You may not always notice in which grade an update is important, but new versions can actually avoid future problems while using aGora.

When to update?

When to update aGora

As an update or new version is released, the next time you start the program, you will be notified that there is new software ready to be downloaded and installed.


Step 1

Step 1

Download the new version of aGora.

The first thing to do to update your aGora is downloading the new version.

You can download it from the application itself, from 'Settings > Update version'.

Step 2

Step 2

Make a backup.

As a security measure, just in case something unexpected occurs during the update, such as a power outage, make a backup of your data before proceeding to the installation.

Go to the 'Tools > Backup' option available in aGora.

Step 3

Step 3

Install aGora on the server computer

Once made the backup, you can start installing the new version. Do it first on the computer that acts as the aGora server.

Do it only by executing the downloaded installer and following the simple steps indicated by the assistant.

After installing the new version on the aGora server, run the software and make sure that it starts without any problem.

Step 4

Step 4

Install aGora on the client computers

Once you have verified that the new version of aGora starts without problems on the server computer, you can install on all the client computers from which you want to use the program.

You only have to run the installer downloaded in all of them and follow the simple installation wizard.