Link aGora's agenda with the most known online calendars.

Take your agenda always on you

Take your agenda always on you

You can take your personal Google Calendar™ and/or Microsoft® agenda on you joined with your work aGora agenda.

Link and synchronise your aGora agenda with Google Calendar™ and the Microsoft® calendar.

That way you can consult your aGora agenda from any device with Internet connection (smartphone, browser, etc.).

What does it allow doing?

With the aGora.webCalendar module, you can synchronise your aGora agenda events with Google Calendar™ and with Microsoft® calendar.

This fact offers you all these powerful online calendars advantages. For example, your Google™ account can be configured in an Android™ device and take your aGora work calendar always with you, receiving alerts in your smartphone.

You will see in these online calendars your personal events and the work ones from your aGora agenda. Furthermore, modifications made on them, no matter if from the online calendars or from aGora, will be synchronised and updated immediately.

Previous requirements

To be allowed to use this module, some previous requirements should be accomplished:

  • Have a Microsoft® Live Connect or Google™ account.
  • Contract aGora.webCalendar module.
  • Configure your aGora connection data with your online calendars.