Enjoy the flexibility, power and security of your aGora and Microsoft® Office in the coud.

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Dedicated cloud server

Each customer will have his own virtual cloud server. That's why our solution is different from others in the market, it works WITHOUT SHARING any resource with other users and it counts with UNLIMITED TRAFFIC.

Office Standard for free includes Microsoft® Office 2013 Standard completely for free. You'll be able to work from the cloud with the best and most used office automation tool.

Work from Internet

With service, you will be able to work with aGora from any place provided with internet connection. Access from Windows®, OS X®, Linux™, Windows Phone®, iOS™ or Android™.

Help and support

Our technicians will carry on supervision and maintenance tasks, including aGora updating. Furthermore, Premium Support will be included forever, including UNLIMITED consultations.

Dedicated cloud server

Unlimited data traffic and exclusive resources for your centre.

Your cloud server will be located in one of the most powerful last generation Data Centers to ensure maximum reliability, efficiency and security. It includes the most advanced security systems to garantee the protection and stability to offer maximun security to our costumers services: advanced fire detection system, earthquake-proof structure,...

Furthermore, each customer has UNLIMITED traffic data and its own cloud server, WITHOUT SHARING ANY RESOURCE with other users of our platform. That's the main difference between our solution and the others in the market.

Microsoft® Office 2013 for free

Use the best Microsoft® tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook or Publisher) without having them installed in your computer. includes for free all the licences needed to run from the cloud the Microsoft® Office 2013 Standard applications.

Your server will have installed this powerfull office automation tool ready to be run from Microsoft® Windows®, Mac OS X®, Linux™, Windows Phone®, iOS™ or Android™.

Work from the Internet

Without installing aGora. platform allows accessing your aGora and Microsoft® Office 2013 Standard using Remote Desktop Services (RDS) techonology and the Microsoft® Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

That way you will work with aGora, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and Publisher frome any computer with Internet connection and a client which admits RDP (no matter which kind of OS it uses: Microsoft® Windows®, Mac OS X®, Linux™, Windows Phone®, iOS™ or Android™).

Help and support

Maintenance and Premium Support.

Our tecnicians supervise and maintain the server. A daily data backup will be made (from the last 30 days*) and it will be conveniently updated and system functionalities checked by our specialists.

Furthermore, you will count with the Premium Support for free, that will allow you asking for help and made unlimited consultations about aGora.

* Il numero di backup giornalieri potrebbe essere limitato dalla dimensione del disco rigido del server contratto e dalla dimensione del database del cliente.