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    Choose how you want to work
    Work locally
    Working with aGora taking advantage of your
    infrastructure. You'll keep your data in your
    own aGora server, constant connection to
    Internet won't be needed.
    Work in the cloud
    Your aGora server located in a last generation
    Data Center. Furthermore,
    you'll be able to use Microsoft®
    Office Standard for free from the cloud.
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    Leading ERP and CRM software:
    the best choice to manage your
    training centre or school.
    From only US$16.00/month
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    aGora.connect TRY IT FOR FREE!
    Your educational centre wherever you are
    Offer your teachers a web platform to control attendances, upload documents,
    assess students, check timetables, etc.
    Furthermore, your students and customers will be able to download assessments,
    invoices and other documents, check absence records, timetables and much more from the website.
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    virtual classrooms
    With the aGora.connect virtual classrooms your teachers and students will be able to organise homework,
    promote communication between them, improve educational material distribution in a simple way,
    whether it is in video, audio, PDF,... and much more
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    Centralise in your aGora
    all the leads received
    by your educational centre.
    From only US$15.00/month
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    Accepts ONLINE credit card payments
    without having to develop any code.
    From only US$16.50/month
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    Link your online enrolment system with aGora ERP.
    Create pre-enrolments in aGora and validate them
    in an easy way.
    From only US$21.00/month
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    aGora.SignRequest ¡NEW!
    Add electronic signature
    of documents
    to your aGora ERP.
    From US$100.00
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    50% off
    Subscribe aGora.MailChimp at an exceptional price during this month
    Bargain end countdown
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    Link your aGora management software with Moodle™.
    The integration module between aGora and the popular LMS will allow you save your
    time and effort, trespassing data and information, already introduced in your ERP aGora
    system, to Moodle™ without any kind of additional effort.
    From only US$15.00/month
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    Powerful, Flexible, Scalable
    It will suit your needs growing with you.
    With its editions, extensions and
    web services, aGora will
    adapt and grow keeping pace
    with your needs.

Desktop or Cloud

Choose how you want to work. Work locally with aGora.desktop or work in the cloud with aGora.cloud, which also includes a licence to work with Microsoft® Office Standard for free in the cloud.

Flexible and scalable

Three editions adapted to every centre size and requirements. aGora will adapt to the growth and changes of your business and allows you to change the program edition without modifications in your system.


Centralize all your enquiries and connect with other platforms. aGora extensions and additions expand its features, connecting with Moodle™, MailChimp®, aGora.connect,...

Quality and experience

The most powerful functions conceived specially for the educational sector companies. Kherian Soft has been exclusively dedicated to the development of management software for the educational sector from the early 90s.

aGora is comprehensive management

aGora is a comprehensive and integrated management suite that covers all the needs of any educational institution in terms of planning, management and control related to academic, commercial and economic terms. Our software, with the support of thousands of worldwide users, is a scalable, powerful and fast implementation tool.

From a single environment you will manage students and customers, define your academic planning, control your expenses, issue invoices or manage incoming payments.

Our application offers hundreds of utilities related to decision and smart business tools, which will help you to answer such specific questions as how much sales rose in the last month, in which period of the year were more contracts performed, etc.

Download now

Choose how you want to work

Access your data connecting with your own aGora.desktop server or if you prefer to work in the cloud, we offer the aGora.cloud service to allow you outsourcing all the management and maintenance or your aGora server. We will be in charge of your aGora updates and the server maintenance, which will be located in a last generation Data Center to ensure the maximum reliability and safety.

Work locally

aGora.desktop - WORK LOCALLY

The aGora.desktop option allows working with aGora from your own infrastructure. Data will be located in your own aGora server, without constant Internet connection needed to access them. You can choose between any of the five aGora editions to work this way.

More information about aGora.desktop

Work in the cloud

aGora.cloud - WORK IN THE CLOUD

In case you are interested in externalising the management and maintenance of your aGora server and having it in the cloud, the aGora.cloud service is exactly what you are looking for. We will update aGora and maintain the server, which will be hosted on a last generation Data Center, which guarantees the maximum reliability and safety to your data. Furthermore, we offer for free the necessary licences to use Microsoft® Office Standard from the cloud.

More information about aGora.cloud



Everything around your professional environment interconnected

Connect your centre with your students, customers and employees.

Share materials and class resources, run online teaching, send messages, manage homework, assess your students and make teaching accessible from everywhere. All of it synchronized with your aGora ERP.

Discover aGora.connect


Centralise in aGora ERP all your leads

Centralise and download to your aGora management software all the information enquiries received by your educational centre. Unlimited enquiries to be received or sources from which receive them.

You will be able to create all the information request web forms you want only with the help of a simple wizard.

More info about aGora.webLeads


Accept ONLINE card payments

With aGora.webPayments, your aGora ERP will be able to send a link by email or text message to your customers which will allow them to pay debts or invoices from anywhere in the world with a browser and an Internet link.

In addition, Stripe™, the payment platform used by aGora.webPayments, ensures compliance with payment regulations.

More info about aGora.webPayments


Link your online enrolment to your aGora.

Subscribing to this extension and the webservices that it includes, you will be able to link your online enrolment with aGora ERP.

In aGora, the pre-enrolments submitted from your websites to the aGora.enrollMe web service will be synchronized.

More info about aGora.enrollMe


Link aGora ERP with your Moodle™

If you prefer to use Moodle™ as LMS (Learning Management System) instead of our aGora.connect extension, the integration module between aGora and Moodle™ will allow you save your time and effort, trespassing data and information, already introduced in your ERP aGora system, to Moodle™ without any kind of additional effort.

More info about aGora.Moodle


Make campaigns linking with your MailChimp® account

From the aGora queries of the determined list windows (students, customers or staff) you can link with MailChimp® lists already segmented according to your desired criteria.

More info about aGora.MailChimp

Constant evolution

Constantly innovating and improving ourselves with you and for you

aGora provides you with an active software in continuous evolution. aGora system is the result of a long way over the last two decades with the support of thousands of users. From the beginning of the 90s, aGora users have become software virtual designers, sharing their views and ideas in order to help us improve.

Hundreds of features will help you managing efficiently your centre

Due to its evolution and constant improvement aGora offers to academies or teaching centres a great amount of features and tools that will help you to make decisions, optimize resources and improve results.

More information about aGora features

Constantly innovating and improving ourselves with you and for you

Years of experience


Hours of development


Happy users


Cups of coffee

Welcome to aGora

Easy, Intuitive, Efficient

aGora interface, based on a main Ribbon Tab (similar to the latest Microsoft ® Office versions style), improves usability grouping program features and commands thematically, making it easy to find the appropriate command for the required task.


Adapt the aGora system to your working way customizing the software's hundreds of options available in the control panel and the customizable parameters or designing your own forms, lists, reports, invoices, bills, etc.

Unbeatable prices

aGora's position as the market leader for standard ERP applications for educational centres, with thousands of users around the globe, permits us to offer such highly competitive prices, achieving a price-quality relationship out of other solutions in the market reach.